Child’s Hair Clip Tames Headset Cord

Almost everything can be repurposed in some way, shape, or form. In many instances, though, one has to transform the object. Old jeans get cut up into fabric for crafts; tee shirts become rags, or even cat tents! But I love it when I can find a new use for something that I cannot sell or even give away.

Anyone who has had a little girl, probably has a few jaw-style hair clips lying about—in the junk drawer, or maybe even the Goodwill pile. But in truth, Goodwill doesn’t really want them unless you have a packaged set. As I hate to throw anything out, I relegate them to a drawer until I can find a use for them.

This particular style is so small, it is more suited to hold back “growing-out bangs.” It’s far too narrow to create a pony tail or to gather side hair to the back for a thick head of hair. It is, however, perfect for holding the cord to my headset in a nice, neat circle until I need to use it.

I used to wrap the cord around the folded headset, but it always took longer than I’d like to unwind it. Now, all I have to do is release the clip and it’s ready to use. No tangles, no knots, and I can be on the headset as soon as I answer the phone. And, there’s one less thing in my junk drawer. Win-win!

Tamed headset cord