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Simple Life Hack

Child’s Hair Clip Tames Headset Cord Almost everything can be repurposed in some way, shape, or form. In many instances, though, one has to transform the object. Old jeans get cut up into fabric for crafts; tee shirts become rags, or even cat tents! But I love it when I can find a new use… Continue reading →

Milk Jug Watering Cans

An Easy DIY Way to Feed Seedlings, Starts, and Transplants Right now in my greenhouse, I have seeds sprouting, tomatoes waiting to be planted, and volunteer perennials I recently dug up and potted to give away to friends. I also have a few new plantings added to the garden beds. They all can benefit from… Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • May 15, 2015

Create Bejeweled Doll Clothes

Doll Couture from Fabric Remnants and Old Jewelry I started my lifelong stint as a seamstress at the age of nine making doll clothes from fabric scraps—using my grandmother’s treadle Singer machine. I graduated to making real clothes by age 11, but I’ve always held a fondness for designing and creating doll clothes. I continue… Continue reading →

Block Those Drafts — Part 1

Keeping the Cold Air out and the Warm Air in Our house does not have a mailbox. Instead, we have a mail slot in the front door—the old fashioned kind made of metal, with a spring-loaded door. The slot is large enough to accommodate magazines and thick, 11 x 14” envelopes so most of my… Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • January 4, 2015

Ski Hat Teacup Cozy

The Perfect Way to Steep Your Tea! As we inch our way towards the Winter Solstice, the days get darker and colder. Because I work at home, I can’t turn my heat down too low during the day, but I do keep it at 66º—hence I get chilly, especially when doing sedentary tasks. A hot drink… Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • November 25, 2014

Gardener’s Apron with Smart Phone Pocket

Make It for Yourself or to Give as a Gift This handy apron is made from cotton fabric remnants or repurposed cotton fabric and the legs of old blue jeans. Four pockets can hold everything from garden gloves to plant markers, sharpies and your phone. The flapped pocket ­secures with velcro to keep your phone… Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • November 21, 2014

Create a Drawstring Laundry Bag

Repurpose Old Pillowcases into Handy Stuff Sacks When traveling I like to have a place for my dirty clothes, and hate mixing them with clean ones when it’s time to pack up for home. Hotels often provide plastic bags for this purpose, but I bring my own when camping or staying on the cheap. Since… Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • October 28, 2014

Create a Sleeveless T-shirt for Gardening

Repurpose old T-shirts for cool, summer chore comfort! I’m not one for spending money on special gardening clothes—old jeans, shorts and shirts are fine for working in the dirt. I have plenty of T-shirts with stains or small holes, but the unseasonal heat this year calls for sleeveless shirts. I knew it would be easy… Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • July 14, 2014
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