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22 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day EVERY Day

Try One or Try Them All—Whatever You Do WILL Make a Difference! 1. Grow Your Own Food The best way to ensure that the food you eat is grown organically is to grow your own. It’s healthier for you and your family, as well as the birds, insects and native plants in your area. Put… Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • April 17, 2014
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Spring Cleaning — The Natural Way

Save Money—Save the Planet Now that I’ve purged a ton of excess stuff, it’s time to get down to deep cleaning. The weather is just right for opening windows and hanging sheets on the line. Growing up in the ‘60s–‘70s, I believed housecleaning meant using the products advertised on TV. The brand names were abundant…. Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • April 15, 2014

Purge Your Excess Stuff

Simplify Before Spring Cleaning It’s almost time to open the windows, air out the house, and give it a good cleaning down to the bones. Unless you’re one of those amazing people totally on top of things, chances are you have at least one area of your home that’s less than organized. A closet is… Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • April 4, 2014

Making Chili with Soyrizo

Try this spicy meat-replacement! When I complained to my doctor about the aches and pains of aging, she suggested I investigate the vegan lifestyle. She recommended a terrific book, Forks Over Knives, to get me started. Research has shown that eliminating animal products from one’s diet can have a variety of health benefits, from less… Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • March 19, 2014
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Memorable Masterpieces

saving precious artwork when space is at a premium When my daughter was born in 1995, I bought some acid-free scrapbooks and boxes to store those precious paper mementos that come with childhood. Now, filled with finger paintings and Crayola masterpieces, they sit on closet shelves. As my daughter got older, her artwork improved; some hang… Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • March 14, 2014

BYOB for a Better Environment

Nothing says “I care about the environment” more than bringing your own bags when you shop. The concept started decades ago with the advent of health food co-ops, and is finally starting to catch on worldwide. For a while the debate was paper vs. plastic—both have environmental impact—but the push now is for consumers to… Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • February 19, 2014

Goodwill Outlets: There’s Treasure in the Bins

© ANDREA LEIGH PTAK As a crafter and a costumer, I am always looking for inexpensive materials. A friend suggested I check out the Goodwill Outlet Store to find clothes for a middle school production of Fiddler on the Roof. Goodwill Outlet Stores are where items that don’t sell in a Goodwill Retail Store go… Continue reading →

  • Image posted by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • November 14, 2013
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