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As the Worm Turns

Clean and Easy Food Waste Composting Commercial organic compost is expensive. Kitchen scraps are free! And combined with red wiggler worms they create a rich additive for most backyard vegetable gardens. Seattle’s native soil is primarily clay, so adding organic matter is essential. We started composting with a plastic cone offered by the city. It… Continue reading →

  • Words by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • October 20, 2013

Eliminate the Lawn – Part I

You’ll Be Glad You Did! When we bought our Seattle home in 1993, the entire yard—front and back—was nothing but grass, save for a lone lilac tree and two peony bushes. My goal was to transform the 8,000-sq. ft. lot into a series of garden “rooms” to make the best use of the variety of… Continue reading →

  • Image posted by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • October 17, 2013

From Top Sheet to Nightgown

Rather Than Toss, Repurpose! Now that sheet-sets are so popular, it’s hard to find individual sheets for sale. If you want 100% cotton and a decent thread count, it’s almost impossible. Unfortunately, the bottom sheet tends to wear out well before the top, leaving you with a big piece of useless fabric. It ends up… Continue reading →

  • Image posted by Andrea Leigh Ptak
  • October 11, 2013
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